среда, 23 мая 2018 г.

Me adressing the world

The humankind is 8.000 years old but it hasn’t gained any wisdom and keeps on harming the environment. The statistics says, the Earth’s ecosystem has been damaged to 60 percent for the last 60 years. Approximately 23 billion tons of resources are extracted from the Earth yearly and it is a continuous practice.
25 percent of coral reefs have vanished because of water pollution, acidification and illegal fishing. If it does not stop, we will lose the rest during next 30 years. 4.6 million hectares of forests have either been burnt or cut. One mustn’t be genius to understand the extent of harm caused to the fauna and flora. It is sarcastically said that we have created the seventh, Plastic continent. 8 million tons of plastic pollute the ocean and nearby areas yearly. Plastic waste does not decompose in the ocean and harms different species of fish.   

The above mentioned examples are only the part of evil that we cause to our Planet. Our Planet suffers from our daily activity not less. We forget to close taps while brushing our teeth, we neglect switching off home appliances when they are not in use and etc. 
We waste natural resources carelessly. Let’s consider the issue of electricity generation. Hydroelectric power stations impact aquatic ecosystem, destroy the wildlife, injure organisms and make rivers shallow. Thermal power plants pollute the atmosphere with CO2 which is the main greenhouse gas. Nuclear power stations threaten with radiation. Nevertheless the main nowadays sources are water, fuel and uranium. Meanwhile there is a successful practice in China to use alternative energy, install wind power plants and be the leader in this market. Our perspective should be to replace traditional energy sources by alternative ones. Let’s say, the average sunshine hours in Dubai are 3.500 per year. Why not to use it as the main source of energy which will provide the half of the U.A.E. with electricity.
The last century has revealed multiple eco problems. The pity is that the humanity addressed them only when the Earth alarmed. We have to alter energy sources, change the mining laws, say no to traditional cars and start using green vehicles. We have to stop using polyethylene and replace it with recycled bags. We have to awaken people’s consciousness and make waste sorting mandatory.
We have to remember: there is no another EARTH. Let’s take care of the HOME we live in.

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