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My project

Though the whole world highlights eco problems, I can say that in my community my generation is ignorant about this question. I believe that environment protection concept should be brought up from early age. It’s much harder to change one’s attitude, when this person is already an adult. That’s why I am going to focus on schoolchildren aged from 6 to 9 and from 10 to 13 years.

There are four secondary schools in my community; each school will have two age groups. Thus 8 groups will be enrolled in this project. Each group will consist of 15 members with a leader/mentor, who will be one of our EcoClub members. Three times a week we will arrange extra-curricular lessons. These lessons will be within the frame of non formal education.

The first activity will be introductory.
It will include cartoon watching. We will ask the schools to provide us with a room where we will install our equipment: the screen, video projector and PC. The cartoons will be informative and will describe our wonderful planet and the harm that people cause to it. Some of the demonstrated cartoons will be ready-made, others we will create with our working team. A small discussion must sum up each watching.
As far as gaming is the most interesting activity for these age groups, we will choose ,,education through gaming’’ concept as the second activity. I suggest creating of environment related quests. For this purpose we need a computer room. The first level of the game suggests the participants to sort out plastic, metal, paper and food remains from the pile of garbage and put in the corresponding bin. If this level is passed successfully, the gamer enters the next level, where he/she has to choose the next step for recycling of each garbage type (the options are given). Reaching the third level the gamer is suggested a list of materials that are used every day though they threaten the environment. The gamer has to replace harmful materials with recycled ones.  

The third activity will be creative work. Our participants will get the task to collect junk from the surrounding area and create a piece of work from these unnecessary things.

The first two levels are educational and the third level is focused on team work that teaches children to work cooperatively.  

At the end of this course all the participants will be awarded with a badge of a young ecologist.   

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